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7 Years Without a Television: Ending This Week

When Carrie and I got married, we spent much of our time outside or playing chess. Sitting docile in front of a box and subjecting ourselves mindlessly to the garbage that aired on the 4 channels that we had reception … Continue reading

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God IS: A Refutation of “Proof” #1 at

Let us examine an argument that claims that God is imaginary. The title of the argument is “Try Praying”. The main argument is that because God does not answer our prayer for Him to cure every instance of cancer, He … Continue reading

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God IS

There exists a militant atheist website at the following URL: The home page makes some of the following claims: Billions of people attend millions of churches around the world to worship God. Yet the God they worship is completely … Continue reading

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Am I Self-Existent?

There is a trend among humanity to ponder their existence. The following questions have been asked for centuries: Do I exist? If I exist, what else exists? How did I come into being? In modern times, the questions have been … Continue reading

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