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2 Peter 3:9 – God’s patience toward believers

In my last post, I introduced the topic of God’s patience as mentioned in 2 Peter 3:9. I also mentioned that this is a highly debated verse, having two sides that cannot see eye to eye regarding who it is … Continue reading


2 Peter 3:9 – God’s patience toward [?]

Patience is one of the many characteristics of God. If it were not so, then God would have vaporized us long ago. In fact, He probably wouldn’t have created us. In life, we observe that humanity is saturated with sin. … Continue reading


Logo Design: Managed Media Solutions

Managed Media Solutions is a startup in Amarillo, Texas that provides managed website development and hosting for small businesses and municipalities at a discounted price. I will be doing the graphic design and web development work for the firm. Look … Continue reading

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