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Christ in the Old Testament: Sisera’s Crushed Skull

It is natural in the Evangelical world to either not read the Old Testament or read in it a manner that casts a cover of irrelevance over its content. Many claim that it doesn’t apply to Christians and therefore has … Continue reading


Obama: Bad Data and Poor Statistics

How does the nation create jobs? Apparently the Federal Government needs to raise taxes. According to a statistical analysis, Obama concluded that this is what the American people need in order to create jobs. This analysis included data from a … Continue reading


God IS: A Refutation of “Proof” #1 at

Let us examine an argument that claims that God is imaginary. The title of the argument is “Try Praying”. The main argument is that because God does not answer our prayer for Him to cure every instance of cancer, He … Continue reading

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God IS

There exists a militant atheist website at the following URL: The home page makes some of the following claims: Billions of people attend millions of churches around the world to worship God. Yet the God they worship is completely … Continue reading

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Am I Self-Existent?

There is a trend among humanity to ponder their existence. The following questions have been asked for centuries: Do I exist? If I exist, what else exists? How did I come into being? In modern times, the questions have been … Continue reading

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Michael Bloomberg: Theophobe? Not Quite

On September 11, 2011, Americans will remember the horrible terrorist attacks that killed some 3,000 civilians ten years ago. High school freshmen likely won’t remember the day of the attacks; they were only four or five years old. At most, … Continue reading