She’s Fighting

Here is an update from my dad and Courtney (Angie’s second daughter), paraphrased. Angie sat up in a chair for 4 to 5 hours and has walked around quite a bit. They have decreased her oxygen levels but she is still on it.

Here is an update from Angie from last night:

Well, I have a minute before bed and finally got Court to breathe for herself for a min. She hasn’t left my side the whole time. Between her and my dad(which I am so glad to have in my life) I am kept positive . I am so grateful for the prayers and those of you have kept so strong. Please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers. I am not going out with some kickin, and if you know me, then you know I am a fighter! Love and kisses. P.s. Kelvin thank you for loving me.


The Prognosis

“No man has power to retain the spirit, or power over the day of death,” (Ecclesiastes 8:8a). Death is a reality in this fallen world and has been ever since Adam disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden and imputed his sin into the world. Indeed, we all shall die. No one can prevent it or predict it. Sure, we can be good stewards of our lives by eating healthy and exercising regularly, abstaining from this and that, but that won’t stop us from being hit by a bus.

Here is an update from my dad yesterday:

Angie is not going to get much better without super expensive medications. The specialist is going to try to help get them. She is only expected to survive 6 months without them, and maybe 3+ years with them. She will be on oxygen from now on. Angie might go home Thursday but we’re not for sure yet. Happy Valentines Day.

A prognosis is a doctor’s estimate of how much longer a person is going to live. It is really a misnomer, because it is from the Greek word prognosko, which means “I foreknow”, or to turn it into a noun, foreknowledge. I say it is a misnomer because, although we can estimate how long a person is going to live based on a long history of other people with the same condition, that doesn’t mean that we can know when a person will live or die. Indeed, no one can.

We can and will pray that God has mercy on Angie and extends her days here on Earth. We will even pray that God heals her. But what if He doesn’t? What if God takes her today? What if He takes me today? Does that make God bad?

To answer that question, we must understand that we do not deserve to live. In fact, we deserve the wrath of God. God is holy. We are sinners and have been since the incident in the Garden. God’s punishment for sin is death (both physical, in that it is a reality in this present world, and spiritual, in that He punishes sinners for all eternity). Jesus died to save His people, those who call upon Him in repentance and faith, and was punished for them. Does that mean that we can avoid the punishment for sin? The answer is both yes and no. Yes, we will avoid the punishment of eternal torment. However, we will still die on this Earth. Our bodies will return to the ground and rot, while our spirits go to be with Christ (if we’re saved).

How does this relate to Angie? Here’s the hard truth: God may not heal her. She may suffer. God is still good, because giving her the 40 years that she’s had on Earth thus far is more than she deserves. God has blessed her tremendously. He is good to us all, though none deserve it. God may heal her and give her another 40 years on this Earth. If He does, then I pray that He will receive the glory for it. If not, then it will just be sooner that Angie leaves this fallen world and goes to be with her Savior, where there will be no more suffering. In the Resurrection, Angie will have a resurrected physical body with lungs that work better than they ever did and a heart that will never stop beating. She will eat, see, smell, touch, taste, and rejoice. And so will you, if you have trusted in Christ.

Heavenly Father,
You are the creator of all things. You made Adam from the dust of the ground and breathed life into him. All things work together for the good for those who love you and are called according to your purposes, because you are sovereign and sustain all things. You are good to us, Lord, even though we are sinners and have broken all of your commandments. We pray for Angie. Lord, you have appointed a time for her to leave this world and you will take her in accordance with your will. We pray that you will give her many days and weeks and months and years on this Earth, and that you will relieve her suffering and make her lungs to work better, and even that you would heal her. We pray that you would make a way for her to receive the medications that her body needs. Finally, we pray that you would give her your strength and peace and us as well. We pray these things in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord,



Update on Angela

This is from my dad last night:

Well, Angie sat in chair for a few hours but was too lightheaded from medications to do any walking. She is still slowly improving but still might be a few more days before she can go home.

Please continue to pray that God will give her strength and peace, and that He will make her lungs work better.


Visit with Angela

I had the opportunity to visit Angie yesterday for a few hours. The pneumonia was caused by her heart not being able to pump with enough force to circulate her fluids (see edema, pulmonary edema). They pumped 2 liters of fluid from her body and she was in a good mood and interested in carrying on an interesting conversation.

She is still on oxygen at a strong level. Further treatment will involve testing different medications to assist with her lungs. If she can breathe easier, the right side of her heart won’t have to work as hard.


Please Pray for Angela Gallet

My sister, Angela (Angie) Lynn Gallet, is in the hospital in Lubbock as I type this with lung disease, heart failure, and pneumonia. Please pray for God to have mercy on her. She was taken to the ER on the evening of February 7 and was admitted on February 8.

Angie has suffered from a condition called scleroderma for years. Scleroderma is an autoimmune disorder that can result in tissue damage. Her fingers turn blue when they get cold due to lack of oxygen. Over the years, this disorder has caused lung damage. In response to the lung damage, the right side of her heart must work harder to get the blood through her lungs. This is called pulmonary hypertension, and she was diagnosed with it on January 31, 2012.

In April of 2008, Angie nearly died of a Staphylococcus infection that she contracted when getting a hysterectomy. However, God saw fit to heal her and give her more time on this earth.

God uses prayer for His will and purposes. We do not pray to change God’s mind; indeed that cannot be done. Rather, we pray because the Holy Spirit shows us what to pray for. Prayer changes us. God answers all prayers, either with a yes, no, or not right now. We are to be diligent in praying and trusting that God’s will shall be done, not ours. What ever God chooses to do is right.

Heavenly Father, You are the creator and sustainer of all things. Indeed, you created the entire universe and have declared its end from the beginning. We pray for Angela Gallet. We thank you for making her be a part of our lives. We ask, Lord, that you would have mercy on her. If it be your will, would you heal her body? Would you give her more days on this earth? We ask you to comfort her through her suffering and cause her to seek refuge in you. You are our refuge and our strength. Father, you are holy and we have sinned against you. We thank you for sending Christ to bear the punishment for our sins. We pray that you would be glorified in all things, and ask all of these things in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and for His glory. Amen.

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7 Years Without a Television: Ending This Week

When Carrie and I got married, we spent much of our time outside or playing chess. Sitting docile in front of a box and subjecting ourselves mindlessly to the garbage that aired on the 4 channels that we had reception for just didn’t strike us as interesting. When we moved to the city in January of 2006, we made the joint decision to not own a television set and have stuck with it. After having several children, we have been offered these contraptions countless times. Nonetheless, we have resisted.

“How will you get your news and weather,” asked my uncle. Even in 2006, the internet was an effective on-demand source of news and weather (so was AM radio). With the advance of LCD technology and the demand for larger screen real estate in the personal computer market, the prices of LCD monitors have decreased immensely. We purchased a 17″ LCD for our PC in 2007 for $65 (used). With this crisp and clear monitor, we were inspired to rent an occasional G-rated DVD and watch it.

This occasional kids movie turned into movie night on Friday. Netflix has made selecting kid-friendly movies easy and cheap (although the selection of streaming movies is rather limited).

Why would we consider a television set after all these years? There are several reasons. First, the distinction between a television set and a computer monitor has blurred. Now, it is easy to find a computer monitor with an integrated TV tuner. Second, we need more screen real estate. We did upgrade to a 19″ LCD a couple of years ago, but can you imagine 5 of us huddled around it to watch Cars 2? Finally, my sister needed to sell some junk and in that collection of junk was a 46″ Sony LCD for a great price.

We have toyed around with the idea of setting up a projector for our movie watching, but the cost has prohibited us from doing so. It’s hard to justify spending that kind of money for movie watching. So, we have given in. We will no longer be counted among the fraction of a percent of families in America without a television set. However, don’t expect us to consider using it as a television – it will be hooked up to my Dell laptop with an HDMI output and will be used as a second computer monitor.

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